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About Us

David Yanez Ministries Innovative, resourceful, and tech-savvy, Dr. David Yanez is a leading faith and spiritual entrepreneur for the gospel, reaching the world through preaching, media, books, missions and broadcasting.

David, “The Rev,” has been preaching the gospel since he was six- teen years old. In his early twenties, he began doing overseas mission work as an associate evangelist, reaching out to the 1.5 billion people in India and Asia—a mission that he still considers his calling today. Sharing God’s mercy, grace, and healing to the people in India, David has seen thousands upon thousands come to know the Lord and receive His healing.
David Yanez is the author of a number of books and founder of Rev Media Publishing, he recently released two Banner Publishing books Almost Out of Grace, and The Recruit, which includes personal stories of how God used him during his time in the U.S. Navy. His new book Igniter of Faith will be releasing in October through Whitaker House.