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Igniter of Faith Newly Released!!

david yanez igniter of faith new product news

We are excited about the new release of David Yanez's new faith book, Igniter of Faith, this October 2015 by Whitaker House.  

The world is in need of miracles like never before. God wants all believers, young and old, to fully comprehend that He is able to perform the things that are written in His Word. More important, He wants you to know that miracles and healings are active and available today, for such a time as this.

In Igniter of Faith, David Yanez takes you on a faith journey by sharing many of his amazing, first-hand experiences of miracles over the years, including many miracles from his recent trips to India and Africa. Through these powerful true stories, you will…

  • • Learn how to change the atmosphere around you to an atmosphere of faith
  • • Recognize that there is a time and a place for creative miracles
  • • Understand the power of compassion in releasing miracles
  • • Gain deeper revelation for working in the ministry of healing
  • • Know how to release miracles for others as an Igniter of Faith

Here are some early reviews that we just got back from ministers.

Dr David Yanez takes us on a journey over the past five years (mainly) of his ministry experiences in Kenya, India and the USA. Using anecdotes of his first-hand experiences along with applicable scripture verses he explains how healing works. Igniter of Faith gives the reader an illuminating insight into practical ministry; how to stand in faith believing often despite what we see. God is always faithful to answer our prayers of faith.
Peter Stanway, The WayCM

Igniter of Faith is hands down one of the best books ever written on the subject of faith. This powerful revelation enables people from any walk of life to build their faith to the point of experiencing their miracle. You must get your copy today. Darrell McManus - Author, Healing Evangelist, Founder of Darrell McManus Ministries
Darrell McManus – Healing Evangelist, Author and Founder of Darrell McManus Ministries

Dr. David Yanez is a man that God has raised up to bring Heaven's Glory and Miracle's working power on earth. He is on the cutting edge of ministry and hungry to see people changed by God's miracle working power. God has performed many outstanding miracles in his ministry. His book contains great revelation knowledge. As you read his book, Igniter of Faith you will find spiritual enrichment and a desire to join him in doing the works of Jesus.
Dr. Gary Wood Author of A Place Called Heaven

We hope to see this on shelves across America but you can pre-order your copy today.